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About CommNexus™ San Diego

CommNexus San Diego is a non-profit technology industry association that works to accelerate the formation, growth, and success of the technology industry in the region. We deliver value to the technology industry through content-driven programs that provide access to capital, talent and business development.

Our program portfolio includes EvoNexus™, a non-profit incubator for high tech start-up ventures; MarketLink™, which introduces regional companies to multi-national corporations via high-tech speed dates; NextStage™ ,which prepares emerging companies for the next step in developing their business plan; and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), regularly scheduled panel discussions which examine key issues in the industry. CommNexus San Diego was established in 1998 and reaches over 14,000 members nationally.

Our Mission

CommNexus San Diego delivers value to the technology industry through programs that provide access to capital, talent and business development.

Our Vision:

CommNexus San Diego works to accelerate the formation, growth and success of the technology industry in the region.

How does CommNexus accomplish its mission?

Facilitating New Business Relationships

CommNexus MarketLink is a FREE program that pairs regional companies with multinational corporations hoping to discover new business interests and partnerships. It provides a shortcut to developing new relationships by orchestrating a simple and efficient introduction process that offers selected companies the opportunity to present to executives focusing on new products and innovations in personalized 1-on-1 sessions.

Helping Entrepreneurs Through Their Toughest Time

EvoNexus™ is San Diego’s only community-supported, fully pro-bono technology incubator. We provide full services – furnished office space, domain experts and mentors, and the opportunity to leverage our wide network of business and VC contacts – to start-up companies striving to achieve sustainability. Unlike many other incubators, we provide these services entirely free of charge. Our incubator companies are under no financial or IP-related obligation to EvoNexus when they graduate.

Keeping the Best and Brightest in San Diego

With over 11 colleges and major research universities in the San Diego region, InternNexus™ gives the talent that San Diego fosters a path to an exciting local career. Our JobNexus™ career site helps San Diego attract and keep the best talent by providing a focused venue to find and post jobs that are ONLY in the tech industry and ONLY in the San Diego region.

Providing Access to Capital and Preparing for the Pitch

Two Hours of Tough Love for the Entrepreneur™  is what our CommNexus NextStage™ program offers. This program prepares emerging companies for the next step in the development of their business through a two hour ‘scrub’ session featuring a panel of experts, specifically tailored for a participating company, who offer advice the VC’s won’t give you.

Educating the Community on Technology Trends, Markets, and Policies

Regularly scheduled Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and special events examine key issues in the communications technology community. CommNexus also hosts committees that work to affect positive change in the business environment.

Showcasing the Region as a Leading Center for Innovation

CommNexus works to spotlight the San Diego region, its companies, and its innovative technologies in the media and through our website. With over 450 companies currently in operation, our Silicon Beach Map showcases the diversity and size of the tech cluster with the biggest companies and the best surf.

Why Join the CommNexus Community?

CommNexus is a non-profit organization that is member supported. We rely on the sponsorship of industry companies, along with the participation of individuals from our community, in order to assist us in helping the communications industry in the San Diego region thrive.

By joining our community as a corporate sponsor, or as an individual participant or volunteer, you are helping us provide programs and services that have helped propel the industry and our region forward since 1998.

There are several ways to become a part of the CommNexus industry community:

  • To bring the benefits of a sponsorship to your company and its employees, visit our CommNexus Sponsors Section
  • To take advantage of benefits and savings as an individual, Contact Us and learn how to become a volunteer
  • To register and create a FREE profile that allows you to participate on our website and register for events, create or update your profile here