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Antengo is reinventing classified listings for mobile from the ground up. Often referred to as “Craigslist meets Twitter for mobile,” Antengo is the first-mover creating a new category of classifieds, billed “mobile microlistings.” A “microlisting” offer or request on Antengo is:
· 140 characters or less
· Geo-tagged with GPS coordinates
· Enables secure, instant, in-app chat between buyers and sellers

Outside of a stadium and in need of a last-minute ticket? Selling tacos from your mobile food truck and need to change locations? Lost your camera? Craigslist can’t help. Antengo can. Checkout Antengo’s free iPhone app (major updates and full redesign hitting the app store shortly). Android and other platforms launching in Q3/Q4.


CRISI Medical Systems
CRISI Medical Systems, Inc. (CRISI) is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative drug-delivery products designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs by making the delivery of intravenous (IV) injectable drugs safer, more accurate and more cost-effective. CRISI’s technology offers the potential to reduce medication errors, automate and improve the accuracy of medication administration documentation, simplify clinical workflow, enable more effective clinical decision support, and reduce drug diversion ─ resulting in better care at lower costs.

Hold-Free™ Networks
Hold-Free Networks will improve the customer service experience offered by enterprises while drastically reducing contact center infrastructure expense. Essentially, Hold-Free ServiceSM is a personal concierge for customer service interactions that liberates consumers from the time-wasting frustration of robot phone systems, music-on-hold, and web forms. The offering is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) plug-in that enables customers to move seamlessly between an enterprise’s existing Web self-service, voice automation, and live agent service options. Hold-Free removes the silos between multi-channel support offerings and solves the problem of enterprises forcing their consumers to wait on hold by visually enabling customer service requests through popular interfaces including Smart Phones, Outlook, and the Web.

More information on Hold Free Technologies

Independa, Inc. (“Independa”) is a San Diego company offering a unique blend of technologies that help Caregivers rest at ease as their elderly loved ones extend and enhance their independence. Independa’s integrated technology platform provides greater safety, social connectivity and improved health for Care Receivers and peace of mind for their family Caregivers. The system provides significant cost savings versus today’s alternatives including home healthcare and institutionalized senior care.

Medipacs, Inc. is an early stage medical device company which has developed a novel polymer actuator that can be used in medical and industrial applications. The company is now focused on programmable disposable infusion pumps based on its’ polymer actuator while other applications are being outlicensed for other fields of use. Medipacs is based in San Diego, CA and also maintains a polymer research facility in Tucson, AZ.

Since the launch of its first collection of integrated video effects in 2006, NewBlue, Inc. has successfully and consistently capitalized on the burgeoning digital video market – first by creating NewBlueFX™, the fastest-growing line of integrated digital video effects technologies and now by developing Vibop®, patent pending, cloud-based technology for polishing, personalizing and publishing video delivered on mobile devices and smartphones. NewBlue currently licenses these technologies to industry leaders Adobe Corporation, Avid Corporation, Corel, Cyberlink, Magix, Pinnacle Systems, Thomson Grass Valley and Sony Corporation. To date, NewBlue has invested over $1.5M in the development of more than 175 proprietary video processing technologies with three patents pending. The company boasts unique intellectual property, a seasoned development and design team, well-respected founders with a track record of successful exit, a superior market reputation and a cash-flow positive revenue stream. These elements– coupled with the rapid adoption of video-enabled mobile devices, handheld cameras and webcams, plus the dramatic rise of social networking and video sharing sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo–perfectly position the company to deliver Vibop rapidly and successfully.

LiquidGrids empowers life science companies to listen, understand and strategically engage in online health dialogue. For product teams who want to understand and connect with the millions of consumers who participate in health-related conversations on the internet, LiquidGrids provides real-time digital health intelligence that makes it possible to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing and communication approaches, LiquidGrids uncovers the critical online health-related dialogue, predicts where the conversation is going and allows engagement with consumers in a strategic and meaningful way. We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry and deeply understand the needs of the life science product at all stages of its lifecycle. LiquidGrids is developed with those needs specifically in mind. LiquidGrids software solution distills hundreds of millions of online health conversations into relevant, actionable information. Our proprietary algorithms evaluate social media activity related to a specific health topic, classify conversations according to themes, discover conversation patterns, measure sentiment and intent, and identify sources of influence in every conversation. This analysis is done in real-time, providing the opportunity to make marketing decisions and engage with customers with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information.