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Launched in May 2012, “Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus” is a business incubation program operating within the walls of the CommNexus incubator, EvoNexus. Building on the success of EvoNexus, which currently has 22 companies in incubation and has helped create over 300 jobs, this new program will be housed in their Downtown and UTC offices. Working alongside each other, Qualcomm Labs and EvoNexus will provide start-up tech companies with the opportunity to transform ideas into businesses and products that answer the technology needs of the future.

Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus Benefits:

EvoNexus provides the following benefits at 0 cost to entrepreneurs:
-Rent-free use of fully furnished office space
-Mentoring & oversight
-Visibility to capital providers
See full list of EvoNexus benefits

Qualcomm Labs will offer one or more companies admitted to the EvoNexus incubator the opportunity to receive seed funding of up to $250,000 each.

Application Deadline:
July 3rd 2012

Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus Areas of Interest:

Although Qualcomm Labs will consider possible funding for companies who are admitted to the EvoNexus Incubator in any technology area, we are most interested in companies with an emphasis on the use of wireless and who are focused on the following:

Connected Objects
Machine to machine has been “the next big thing” in wireless for years, with billions and billions of connected devices projected by industry experts. We are looking for companies with answers to the technology innovations that will be necessary in the future for these devices to come to market quickly, to join and form networks seamlessly, and to communicate effectively with each other as well as the people looking to harness their capabilities.

Low Cost Backhaul
The increased demand globally for high-quality content such as video, over-the top services and social networking from connected consumer devices, such as smart phones, is straining wireless network infrastructure like never before. At the same time, high core network costs keep access pricing relatively high and limit broader consumer adoption of new connected devices, like 3G and 4G enabled tablets. Qualcomm Labs believes that both of these challenges can be addressed through more innovative approaches to backhaul, focusing both on the underlying technologies (e.g. compression, scheduling), and the business models under which access is delivered (e.g. QoS, shared access). We want to hear from entrepreneurs with the vision and expertise to creatively address these dual challenges.

Sustainability and Green Technologies
While wireless technologies continue to advance, transforming the lives of billions of people across developing and developed economies alike, we recognize the impact that the resource and power consumption of these devices can have on the environment. We are interested in hearing from businesses committed to improving the power efficiency of portable devices, for example via better batteries, more efficient charging or improved energy management, as well as those focused on delivering core innovations that drive green production and recycling practices.

Socially Aware
Modern societies are facing enormous social changes, whether born of the recent global economic crisis or the aging of our populations. Government budgets and institutions are under pressure and increasingly challenged to serve their constituents with key services such as health and education. We believe that wireless and personal computing devices offer the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in these key areas, as well as empower consumers to exercise greater control over their outcomes. We are keenly interested in companies with a new perspective on how to move the needle on the quality and cost of services by applying wireless technologies in both the healthcare and education fields.

While Qualcomm Labs participates in the selection committee for review of companies applying to participate in the EvoNexus incubator program, EvoNexus determines actual selection of companies. Qualcomm Labs will consider seed funding of companies admitted by EvoNexus to the incubator program based on company alignment with Qualcomm funding interests. All funding will be subject to mutual agreement on funding agreement terms.