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About CommNexus San Diego Programs

CommNexus San Diego has several established core programs that aim to foster the development of the communications technology industry of San Diego. Our programs are very beneficial to the region and have formed a tight communications community. Whether we are providing a forum for addressing the controversial challenges affecting the global communications market, showcasing regularly scheduled keynote addresses and conferences, linking large key industry players with new start-up companies, or assisting other non-profits through fund-raising efforts to unite essential San Diego organizations, CommNexus San Diego programs work to enhance our city’s booming regional communications companies and industry professionals.

Following is a list of our current programs:

  • SIGs (Special Interest Group)
    This program was developed over five years ago when our organization first began. It was created with the industry professional in mind in order to provide small, intimate seminars and open forums where leading professionals can share their expertise and insight with the community. Each SIG also begins with a half-hour session of networking before and after the event. Please click here to learn more about our SIG program and its events.
  • CommNexus NextStage™
    The NextStage Program provides advice and assistance to entrepreneurs in areas such as fundraising, sales and marketing, product development, management, and strategy. Entrepreneurs that are accepted into the program prepare a presentation outlining a key business decision. The NextStage committee assembles a uniquely qualified group of executives for a two-hour scrub session. Volunteers run the NextStage program. There is no cost to the entrepreneurs. Because CommNexus includes leading individuals and companies, the panels are high-caliber.
  • CommNexus MarketLink™
    MarketLink gives us the change to introduce large multi-national companies to our local companies that are creating the technology of tomorrow. Through the various programs and events, CommNexus has come to know the companies (both large and small), their management teams, and the tech gurus as well as the technology space in which they work. This has put these companies in a position to utilize our extensive network in order to enhance their networks, technology and content. MarketLink brings parties of mutual interest together so that each can benefit from what the other has to offer – kind of like a global communications match-maker.
  • Headliners
    With several booming and highly recognized local communications technology businesses in the area, this program was developed to showcase high level executives from key San Diego companies to speak to our community and inform locals of current innovative projects and trends in the industry. Please click here to learn more about our Headliners program and its events.