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Gadgets are not just "Gadgets" Anymore

November 14, 2007

Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall

Yes, its true, gadgets are not really “gadgets” anymore. the trend today is toward useful technologies that provide greater benefit and enhance the user’s experience. You want won’t to miss Ken Rutkowski’s informed well led discussion and see what the lastest “gadgets” can do for you.

The 7th Annual GadgetFest is a crowd-based competition and trade show that highlights the newest technologies to come out of the San Diego region and beyond, as companies such as Motorola, LG, Verizon, Cricket and stealth start-ups that aren’t event on your radar all compete for the award of ‘Greatest Gadget.’ The competition is preceded by a Mini CES style trade show, with an opportunity for you to see the latest technologies and network with industry representatives from all parts of the globe.

Last year’s winner, Grand Central, was acquired by Google shortly after the competition and several devices, such as the Motorola Q phone and Sling Media Slingbox have been released publicly at this event before the major trade shows, so if you have a new product or are looking to see what’s going to be hot in ’08, don’t miss this once a year opportunity to see all of the new gadgets before anyone else!

A brief recap of the event from blogger and technologist Arthur Meadows can be found here at Go for it!


MOBIVOX  (Communication/Technology)
Motorola  (Mobile Communication/Technology)
GPSit  (AGPS/Technology)
Novatel Wireless  (Banking/Technology)
Your Truman Show  (Media/Technoogy)
(Mobile Communication/Technology)
WiseDV, Inc.  
(Wireless Multimedia Entertainment System/Technology)