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SK Telecom MarketLink
SK Telecom Americas is the business development and venture capital arm of SK Telecom, Korea’s largest wireless operator and a global technology leader, and has worked with some of the brightest minds in VC and angel investing – and some of the biggest technology companies in Silicon Valley – to design a novel and new funding model.
SKTA Innovation Accelerator seeds and accelerates core technology startups to create and manage the essential data center.  The Innovation Accelerator matches entrepreneurs with industry leading strategic partners and provides initial funding up to $1M as a combination of working capital, state-of-the-art facilities, development tools and professional services (e.g. legal and financial). Entrepreneurs concentrate on developing their technologies, while strategic partners and venture capitalists access lower-risk investment opportunities and shorter time-to-money horizons. 

Areas of Interest:

  • Semiconductor & Systems:
    – Memory Solutions (e.g. eSSD, Flash Array, Memory/New Memory Controller, Hybrid Memory Solutions like NVDIMM)
    – Storage Management (e.g. Efficiency Increase, Data Backup, Object Storage, High Availability, Operating & Management)
    – High Speed I/O
    – Power Management
    – Sensors (e.g. CMOS-based compound sensor chip)
    – Advanced Materials (e.g. GaN/SiC, nanomaterials and processes)
    – Memory Materials (e.g. GST, MTJ)
  • Telecom, Enterprise & Datacenter:
    – Big Data-Related Technologies (e.g. Distributed Processing & Analytics)
    – Virtualization Technologies (e.g. Cloud Management, Software-Defined Network, & Software-Defined Data Center)
    – Location-Based Technologies (e.g. Indoor Positioning, GPS)
    – Beyond LTE-A (e.g. Small Cell, Network virtualization, crowd sourcing technologies)
    – LTE Direct
    – Proximity Services
    – Ambient Awareness
    – Local Commerce
    – Hyper Local Services
    – Proximate Discovery
    – Serendipitous Businesses
  • Smart Device Related:
    – Ultra-low power technologies (e.g. Low power RF, Low power image sensors)
    – User Interface Technologies (e.g. Gesture Recognition, new touch technologies, multi-modal input)
    – Internet of Things (e.g. Connected Car, connected home, wearables, smart retails & analytics, robotics & components)
  • Healthcare Device/BioInformatics:
    – Diagnostic Devices and Analytics
    – OMICS Analytics and Modeling
    – DNA Sequencing