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Join FPN (Financial Professionals Network) and our sponsors: Philanthro and EvoNexus for our first Venture Capital/Technology Networking event! The event will be held on Thursday, May 24th, 2012 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Multipurpose Room on UCSD campus

The following Tech companies will be in attendance at the event:

  • Anametrix 
  • Antengo 
  • Barc 
  • Bump 
  • Carzy 
  • Cashie Commerce 
  • Chatmeter 
  • Deal Current 
  • ecoATM 
  • Everyone Counts 
  • Fashioning Change 
  • FrostByte 
  • Hold-Free 
  • Hubedu 
  • Independa 
  • LiquidGrids 
  • Medipacs 
  • NewBlue 
  • NudgeRx 
  • Pixon 
  • Saamba 
  • ShowUhow 
  • SprinkleBit 
  • SweetLabs 
  • TakeLessons 
  • TapChow 
  • TapHunter 
  • Tetravue 
  • Tomnod 
  • Zambig 

The following Venture Capitalist firms will be attending: JMI Equity (Downtown La Jolla), Huntington Capital (La Jolla), Qualcomm Ventures (San Diego), Battery Ventures (Menlo Park), Norwest Venture Partners (Palo Alto), Summit Partners (Palo Alto), Avalon Ventures, and Next World Capital (San Francisco).

More Tech companies and Venture Capital firms will be announced later.