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CommNexus MarketLink™ What is the Process?

With over 400 corporations actively working in the communications space, as well as five major universities working closely with industry, the San Diego region has quickly become a global hub for wireless technology and related services through a mix of commercial and defense industries that is unique to our area. MarketLink has helped multinational corporations such as SONY Electronics, Motorola Mobility, Verizon Wireless and British Telecom. identify and meet with innovative regional companies in a targeted and highly time-efficient manner, all at no cost.

How does MarketLink work?

  • CommNexus partners with a multinational corporation that is hoping to discover new business interests and partnerships to become a MarketLink host.
  • The corporation establishes specific technology requirements and an assembled team of high-level decision makers, and posts its areas of interest on the CommNexus website.
  • An application period begins where a worldwide network of tech sector professionals have an opportunity to submit an application to present to the MarketLink host company.
  • All applications are reviewed by the host company through a web-based collaboration program and the company, not CommNexus, selects the top application companies that they would like to most meet with.
  • CommNexus notifies all companies about the selection results and coordinates meeting logistics with the selected participants.
  • CommNexus schedules meetings with selected companies and top executives from the MarketLink host company over a 2-day period.
  • Meetings are typically 45 minutes long with a Q&A included; AV/projector/wireless internet is available.
  • The evening prior to the sessions, two C-level representatives from each selected company will attend a hosted reception with executives from the MarketLink host company, MarketLink Committee members and selected industry leaders to kick-off your event.
  • The host company will follow up with each selected company 2-3 weeks after the MarketLink event. CommNexus will follow up with each company and the host company to monitor and support relationship building.

How Do I Get Started?

To begin the process or to find out more information about whether MarketLink is right for your company, contact Nicole Walters, Program Manager CommNexus San Diego. An initial discussion is then held to review the MarketLink process, identify your business needs, and establish timelines for your MarketLink event.